I personally don’t agree with that. They should go out there and just have fun & not worry about being scored. just my opinion

they all deserve jackets . thats so fucked up that they scored them . are you fucking kidding me ? they all deserved perfect scores because thats what they are . perfect .

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Answer which one you think would fit me and leave it in my askbox.

  • Tall or short?
  • Crazy or calm?
  • Brunette or blonde?
  • Over 20 years old or under?
  • Straight, gay or bi?
  • Lazy or bouncy?
  • Big dreamer or take things as they come?
  • Try three different outfits at morning or just wear anything?
  • Prefer flats or high heels?
  • Curly or straight hair?
  • Sleep with light on or off?

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yeah sometimes they get upset and don’t want to take pictures with people. but obviously you’re not going to be in a good mood when they didn’t hit at a really important comp. when I went to majors, they were one of the nicest gyms there. after awards, right before the meet and greet, some…

They may have been one of the nicest gyms there, and that’s cool. But the point is, they took their situation out on their fans. It wasn’t the fans fault. And like I said, they probably regret it now, but they shouldn’t have done it in the first place. You can still be graceful even if you lose. 

yeah, but i don’t think people understand how annoying it must be sometimes. I’m sure that so many people were asking them for pictures and autographs and honestly if i had just got done with that routine, i wouldn’t want to be signing anything either. its bad timing on their part. have some common sense, and don’t go and ask them for stuff when they would probably already be in a bad mood. I know that what they said was rude, but they’re human, and you have to give them a little bit of space sometimes.

i dont get why people dont like cheetahs . i swear sometimes its because they dont like how pretty some of them are . ive seen stuff like peytons only famous because shes pretty … uh shes also a really good cheerleader . and same with matt smith . yeah hes gorgeous but hes so good at cheer . having fans always coming up to take a picture with you could get realllllyyy annoying if you think about it . after i compete if we dont hit im in tears and im a wreck tbh . i wouldnt talk to any fan after i didnt hit .

just explained one cheer division to my mom . how cute .



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Anonymous: my team has optional tumbling at an all-star gym and like no one goes except me, 2 jv girls, and sometimes the other tumblers from my team if they need a new skill. and this one girl who's been working on a bhs for like 2 years and i really want her to get it cuz shes so dedicated ugh 

right same with morgan

shes so perfect .

we tumble at the same time and omg perfection .

Anonymous: even though i think its great for people to try cheer if they've never done it before, it gets annoying because if you're less experienced it kind of brings down the whole team bc we cant to as advanced stuff and its annoying. 

 if youre going to try cheer then at least be dedicated . i hope they know that its theirfault that they dont have their tumbling 
(except morgan bc she actually fucking goes to tumbling every week with me and my baby little gymnast whos at the gym and she like worships me omg i love little gymnast) 

Anonymous: im the only one with a needle, a back. the flyers either cant pull scorps or have awful scorps. one cant do a stretch. we have one stretch to bow in our routine. one. people dont care. we have 5 tumblers on a team of twenty. its actually awful. 

thats depressing tbh . so i see you understand where im cmoing from then ?

but we only have 2 people that can tumble from both football and competition season . (we had second try outs and most of the football season team didnt try back out) so overall thats around 35ish people bc its 18 per team and a few girls stayed ont he team so i mean .

    Person: The tumbling cheerleaders do is gymnastics.. not cheer. so therefore, that aspect of cheerleading doesn't make it a sport
    Me: so, in football when you run around its not a sport because running is actually the sport track, and when you play with a ball its not a sport because that's from every other ball sport
f5twisters: I feel you ugh my high school cheer doesn't even compete at all and I really want to do all-star and I want to go to topgun but its an hour away and I dance so I'm so conflicted but I feel like cheer is a part of me 

i fucking hate highs chool cheer . i cant even respect myself as an athlete because im a highs chool cheerleader . i need all star cheer tbh .